Sunday, 1 April 2012

What's in Your Fridge? - Feedback

Thank you to everyone for your responses to “What’s in Your Fridge?”  We have a few pictures from contributors that we’d like to share with you.  What do you think these fridges say about their owners?  To make things fun, we’ve added our own mini-analyses. 
Placing food directly on the shelf?  For shame!  Apparently, the owner of this fridge does not find that surface bacteria are an issue.

Baked beans, bacon, beer, and potatoes – whatever could the owner’s nationality be?

The people in this house don’t seem to eat in too often.

Three milks!  Sharing doesn’t appear to happen here….

Oh look, a relatively balanced diet. Bravo!

So many yogurts can only mean that this person is not lactose intolerant.  Also, that this person likes yogurt.

In addition to the pictures, we also received two stories this week.  The first is from Maja:
I share my student home with three other girls. We have two fridges in our apartment: the bigger one is shared and is situated in the kitchen while the small one stands in my room and is my personal fridge. I got it as a prize for participating in a draw. I’m really happy to have it. Before I could only buy limited amount of fresh food, because there were not enough space at my shelf in the shared fridge, now I can buy much more.

And, finally, a story about sharing fridge space, courtesy of an anonymous contributor:
Back in the day when I began my studies at university, I shared my student home with three other girls. Because one of the girls moved to apartment first, and was two or three years older than us, she had the idea that she had a right to possess more “fridge-space” than us.
Our freezer had three shelves. When the three of us shared one shelf, she occupied the other two. We noticed she liked to freeze food, but she didn’t really use frozen food for cooking. She kept filling her shelves. With each passing day was less space in the freezer.  When she was just about to start filling ours, we kindly alerted her that we were running out of space. She replied to us that she noticed the problem, but according to her, the reason was ice which occurred in the freezer. However, even after we cleaned the ice (she didn’t help by cleaning!) she kept to occupy the majority of space in the freezer.
Her superiority over the space didn’t stop with the freezer. She also occupied a vast majority of the fridge- and kitchen-space. Because the kitchen cabinets were full she kept leaving her pots, cooking equipment, fruit and all sorts of other things on the kitchen counter. We always struggled with lack of space when we wanted to prepare our food. When we wanted to cook, we packed her stuff in the (already full) cabinets, but she kept bringing new things to the kitchen. Providing space for our groceries, cooking equipment was Sisyphean task.
Thanks again, everyone, for the contributions this week.  Now, go and have a wonderful weekend!

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