Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Dark Side of Student Living: Conflict (With Your Roommates)

In the past we’ve discussed the topics of food, fridges, utensils, and cleanliness, just to name a few.  This week, we‘ll explore a topic that might be a little bit sensitive.  From time to time, conflict occurs between room-mates and flat-mates.  It can come in many shapes and forms as well as varying degrees of extremity.  It might manifest in the form of a minor spat resulting from an unwashed plate, or it could be as drastic as ruined friendships.  We want to explore student life in its entirety – not just the bright side.  This includes the ugly bits.  So, please share your stories and pictures with us by sending an email to  As always, you are welcome to remain anonymous!

This week we have a surprise for you! The most interesting story or photo will receive two free tickets to the Special Evening Opening: Global Homes at the Geffrye Museum! Don’t miss this opportunity to attend the “Who Stole my Milk?: Exploring Student Homes in London” event  with live music from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s,  free wine and a lots of fun activities. The best part? It’s all free!

©Bill Watterson