Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Objects of Sentimental Value

Last week, we discussed the significance of personal cutlery.  Your replies indicate that the topic of chopsticks is but a small category falling under the larger category of objects of sentimental value.  People, who bring their chopsticks halfway around the world from places such as Asia, often do so out of an emotional attachment. This attitude clearly is not limited to cutlery.  As a result we would like to amend our original question. What personal object did you bring with you to university?  Was it your favourite mug or book? Photographs of your family? Perhaps a personal trinket? Whatever it is – we would like to hear about it! Send your stories and pictures to    

While waiting for your contributions, we are proudly presenting the collage of your personal chopsticks:

Thank you all for sharing your photos with us!


  1. I have a calendar with pics of my hometown. I'm not emotionally attached to it – it is only a calendar, but it reminds me of home, family and friends. Does it count as "object of sentimental value"?

  2. I have calendar as well. My best friend gave it to me as Christmas gift.