Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Student Cuisine

It is a common perception that most students eat rubbish. One might argue that, generally, given students’ modest budgets, along with their long list of priorities (either studying or having fun, take your pick) they have neither the time to cook nor the resources to eat well.  As a result, it is thought that the eating habits of students are thoroughly unhealthy – comprised of fizzy sugar and caffeine-packed beverages, frozen pizzas and instant noodles, with no vegetables in sight (unless you count the potatoes in your chips). Do you think this is really true? Or, perhaps students are more conscious of having a healthy diet than we give them credit for. They might become less picky and begin to eat food they had never eaten while still living with their parents. Some may even find a new passion in inventing their own improvised recipes. Having free range might entice them to explore cuisines beyond their parent’s Sunday roast. They might even find the strength and avoid the temptation to snack on the inexhaustible sources of the sweets found in their parent’s home. What do you think? Can you relate to this?

What are your eating habits like? What is your favorite dish that you prepare in your student home? Please share your experiences with us by sending your food-related stories, recipes and pictures of the food you’ve prepared to


  1. Student days remind me of jacket potatoes with tuna, pasta with tuna and pies in a tin!

  2. this condition of not eating well not only apply when u are student ;-)