Wednesday, 28 March 2012

What's in Your Fridge?

The content of a student’s refrigerator says a lot about his or her eating habits.  From the contents of one’s fridge, we can tell whether someone likes to eat out or cook, is a vegetarian, is highly carnivorous, hates vegetables, likes to drink, or has a sweet-tooth.  However, “fridge-analysis” can also infer a lot about one’s personality, including whether someone is messy, a clean-freak, healthy, a workaholic, or single. What do the contents of your fridge say about you? 
As the refrigerators in student houses are often shared, it serves as an arena for different personalities to meet in peaceful coexistence or devastating conflict.  While some students are keen to share, some stress the importance of delineating shelves and personal “fridge-space”.  The dynamics of the refrigerator are very complex indeed.  Do you think that how your fridge is organized reflects the relationships in your house?
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