Monday, 12 March 2012

Meet the Team!

Last week we kicked off our blog by familiarizing you with our project.  This week, we would like to introduce you to our wonderful team from UCL.  These lovely and amazing individuals have been as busy as ants behind the scenes, working towards different aspects of the Who Stole my Milk? project.
To start with, the Project Management team ensures the project runs smoothly. Elizabeth, Elisabetta and Julie oversee communications with the Geffrye museum in addition to communication between the teams.

The Documenting Student Homes Team is comprised of Chao Chieh, Hannah, and Riccardo, with Li as the project photographer.  Together, they invaded the homes of students across London, providing us with invaluable data and information about the not-so-secret lives of students.

The Audience Advocates, Binlu and Jeni, are champions of the audience cause.  They fight to the tooth and nail to ensure that your voice is heard by finding ways of improving the project as it progresses.  In fact, there’s a link to a survey at the top of the right-hand sidebar that they’ve created for your benefit.  Click on it to answer a few questions if you haven’t done so already! 

Katy and Leslie are our resident Audience Researchers.  These lovely ladies are here to study you, the audience, to find new platforms to reach the audience as well as develop new marketing strategies. 

Kate and Javier are the duo that makes up the Public Information Team.  From creating the project postcards that we uploaded last week, to writing case studies, to organizing the private viewing event for the exhibition, this versatile team can pretty much do everything except paint the Mona Lisa.

Min Young and Namyoung make up the Learning and Interpretation Team.  They are spearheading the Family Day events at the Geffrye, creating exciting activities for children and adults who wish they were still children. 

The Exhibition Team, made up of Jenny and Semiha, are responsible for the project exhibition that will run at the Geffrye Museum from 15 May to 9 September.  Their design and story-telling skills are sure to “wow” us.

And, lastly, we the Web Resource Team, Ur┼íka and Charmaine, are here at your service!  In addition to moderating this superb blog, and the project’s social media, we will be creating two exciting web elements that will soon be on the permanent Geffrye Museum website. 

Well, that’s the team!  Now that you know us a little bit better, we invite you to follow us here as well as on Facebook and Twitter.  Stay tuned! 

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