Monday, 5 March 2012


Welcome to the Who Stole My Milk? blog! We are MA students from the Institute of Archaeology at UCL.  We are preparing a project in collaboration with the Geffrye Museum on the unusual world of London’s modern student homes. The Exhibition will be ongoing from the 15th May to the 9th of September.

What makes a student home?  And what makes it unique from other London homes?  Who Stole my Milk? will tell the fascinating tale of how cooking implements, decorations, social customs and personal mementoes come together in the student’s quest for identity in this temporary home away from home. From inexpensive generic posters and low quality bed sheets, to personal tokens carried across borders, and the exchange of international recipes, we will show how students rise to the challenge of creating a home within an impermanent space and time. 

So, our aim for this blog is to enable you to interact with the project by contributing to these topics.  If you are a student, or have been one recently, or simply wish to share your thoughts on students living, we invite you to post your personal experiences, stories, and pictures with us!  We would love to hear from you. You can contact us at

Geffrye museum /photographers: David Clarke & Markus Leith

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