Monday, 14 May 2012

The Bright Side of Student Living – Feedback

Student life can be the most memorable and impactful time in someone’s life.  There are challenges, yes, but there are also some great times.  Last week we asked you to share your stories about your favourite student-living memories. You replied with the following stories:

“Burning Television” or “How Sharing a Flat Can Prevent Catastrophe”
My flatmate, Nicola, is really nice person but sometimes she lives with her head in the clouds. She’s absent-minded. One evening when I was lying in my bed and surfing the internet, I heard a strange crackling noise. I thought that one of my flatmates was playing video games or something which was producing the sounds. As the sound seemed a bit suspicious to me, I decided to check to see what was happening. I loudly called Nicola from my room. She didn’t reply and I immediately knew something was terribly wrong. I ran to her room where I saw her television was on fire. The room was filled with smoke, the flames quite high and the soot everywhere. I immediately ran into the hallway screaming: “Nicola’s room is on fire”. My screams woke up the other flatmates. We all ran like mad – from the kitchen to the bathroom to Nicola’s room, filling bowls and buckets with water to extinguish the fire. Luckily, the television was switched off and we were able to extinguish the flames. The results of the accident were a completely damaged television, walls covered with soot and the smell of smoke which we could not get rid of for a long while. Luckily, due to my intervention, the damage was not as severe as it could have been.

You’re probably wondering what had happened? My flat-mate went to take a shower and she left her candle burning on the top of the television without a candle mat. The Small tee-candle obviously heated up very fast, burned the plastic and fell inside the television. The television caught fire. What happened next, you already know.
It was horrible experience for all of us, but luckily the story has a happy ending. If I didn’t hear the crackling, we wouldn’t have worked together to extinguish the fire quickly enough, her giant poster would have caught on fire and the fire would have spread. . I don’t want even think about what could have happened if Nicola had lived alone. She is happy to have us, to take care of her air-headedness. Therefore my story is proof that sharing a flat with other people sometimes can be good as it can prevent catastrophes.

Birthday party
My flat-mate and I are really close. I can say we are best friends. We always celebrate our birthdays together. This year, some friends and I threw him party and bought him a cake. He was extremely happy, even letting us take a picture of him blowing the out the candles.

Pizza Time
During undergrad, my flatmate and I had a ritual of getting pizza from this dirty, seedy pizza place near where we lived every Sunday.  We would always get 1 extra-large pizza each.  And then we would go home and stuff our faces with pizza that night – and for the next 2 days.  Kind of gross, I know…But it wasn’t just about the pizza – yes it was delicious (and disgusting at the same time), but those Sunday nights were reserved for us.  We rarely ate together because of our conflicting schedules, and there would be days where we didn’t even get to see each other, but every Sunday night was pizza night – we would chat or watch a movie, and just make time for each other.  It was always my favourite part of the week.  That year, I gained 11 pounds.  It was totally worth it. 
- Charmaine

Again, we’re asking YOU, our dear audience, to vote for your favourite story. The winner will receive two free tickets to the Special Evening Opening: Global Homes at the Geffrye Museum this Wednesday! Vote for your favourite by leaving your comments!


  1. My vote goes to Burning Television story!

  2. My vote goes to Living with Dani – the early bird who did not share her food!

  3. Thank both of you for your votes.

    Just to make thing clear, "Living with Dani" was your favourite of conflict contest.

    This week we're moving forward. We want you to vote for your favourite on the topic of "bright side of student living". Which story is in your opinion the best: “Burning Television” or “How Sharing a Flat Can Prevent Catastrophe” by Anonymous, “Birthday party” by Anonymous or “Pizza Time” by Charmaine?

  4. My vote goes to “Pizza Time” by Charmaine! :)

  5. Pizza Time story sounds soooo familiar! My vote goes to Charmaine.

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